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The AFighter4Life Project ("The Project") came from the vision of Rahman Ali who wanted to extend the focus that the AFighter4Life Boxing Gym provides to youth to include their communities as well. The only way to ensure our communities continue to develop and the equity gaps are bridged is to invest in our youth.  What sets the vision of The Project apart is the focus on providing our youth with not only the ability but the opportunity to uplift their communities.  We encourage youth participation both inside and outside of the ring with focused community events and initiatives with the goal of showing youth firsthand how investing in their community makes it a project about Us instead of about Me.

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The fighters, the family, and the community

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With over 20 years of combined boxing and training experience, the team that supports the AFighter4Life boxing gym  also supports The AFighter4Life Project, helping engage our youth in building up and strengthening our communities. 

You can help make a difference by donating towards one of our two main initiatives: sponsoring a youth boxer on their journey or donating to our Community Projects Fund.  Learn more about both here

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