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the afighter4life project

Boxing is an amazing sport that provides children with self-esteem, self-discipline, mental and physical strength, humility, patience, and social skills.  The AFighter4Life Project is focused on expanding our youth's comfort and involvement in their communities through outreach, social service initiatives, and more.

While supporting their boxing objectives through training, competition, and camaraderie with other boxers we are engaging them in efforts that uplift the communities they live in.  From open houses to neighborhood cleanup days, and outreach initiatives to Atlanta's homeless communities we are ensuring they realize they have the power to uplift and support not only themselves but their communities.


We are a nationally recognized 501c3 accepting monetary and in-kind donations that supports youth training and the communities they live in.

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Whether you'd like to help with the youth or are interested in helping with a community initiative we'd love to have you join us in the ring!

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AFighter4Life Project is focused on shifting the culture through empowering our youth and improving our communities.

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