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The AFighter4Life Project encourages all of the youth in our training program to pursue boxing as far as they would like it to go.  While some students enjoy the camaraderie and mental, and physical benefits of boxing there are others who are interested in pursuing the sport through competition.  Much like other youth sports boxing requires a monetary component outside of training which includes fees for competitions, sparring gear, travel, hotels, and more.  Donations to the youth program will be used for general scholarships for training purposes to deserving youth and to support those that have chosen to take their amateur training to a competitive level.  if you're interested in supporting a particular child please give us a call directly.

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Afighter4life Youth Boxers.jpeg
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community programs

The AFighter4Life Project's largest focus has been on the homeless population in the Atlanta community.  We've provided meals, clothing, toiletries, and more to those in the community who are in need.  With our Youth students participating in the initiatives, it's a win-win for everyone.  They feel empowered by their ability to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate and are in turn learning the value of volunteering.  Whether you'd like to join us in the community, provide in-kind gifts for distribution, or are interested in providing monetary donations we'd love to include you as one of our sponsors!

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